M10 a rare gem in car audio, boasting high-power amplification with 14-channel DSP. With two dedicated channels for subwoofers, each delivering 120/220 Watts RMS at 4/2 Ω, whether you crave thunderous bass or crystal-clear highs, the M10 delivers unparalleled power and precision.


With the title "Most powerful 8-channel power amplifier in the world", the noble MUSWAY EIGHT100 makes a furious start in Car & Hifi 1/2022.


M12 with an impressive number of 12 Class-D channels and an integrated 16-channel DSP. It appeals to those hi-fi fans who want to be able to individually tune their complex loudspeaker system in the vehicle for the best possible playback and at the same time be able to control it easily without complex cabling or the installation of several devices.


With the new 12-channel stand-alone DSP TUNE12, MUSWAY proves once again how good high-end audio can look like. The TUNE12 inspires with excellent features and inner values that are elementary in very complex devices.


MUSWAY developed a super-compact and the tiny mini amplifier P2, which is recommended as a perfect power upgrade: If you want to make full use of the DSP channels of the MUSWAY DSP amplifier series, you can use the P2 in no time at all add two active channels! Such technical and tonal tricks underline the MUSWAY philosophy of achieving great things with small, smart strokes of genius.


The M6 can surely be seen as a new milestone in amplifier constructiondesigned with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology. It is barely imaginable that a fully grown class D amplifier works in this small housing, featuring six pairwise bridgeable outputs, each with 105 watts RMS per channel (at 2 Ω). A total of 630 Watts RMS are available.


Industry-leading 8-channel amplifier with 10-channel DSP, a powerhouse in car audio innovation. With its compact design and advanced technology, the D8 offers seamless integration, transforming your drive into a symphony of sound. 


D1S is Musway's first DSP amplifier, known for its simple installation and tuning process, enabling quick upgrades to the original car audio system.With its compact size and class AB technology, the D1S delivers warm, clear sound.


The WX fills a void in the market for high-fidelity digital music playback, it solidifies Musway's leading position in car audio technology.


Established a design house to focus on audio solutions and launched M1,the digital lossless player for home audio.