The sound of the standalone DSP68 processor is in top form, and the features are also unique in this price range: In addition to a stereo AUX input, there are 6 RCA and high level inputs. The latter can be operated without compression up to 21 volts RMS and come with the proprietary developed load detection protection circuit EPS. Those who like it completely audiophile can control the DSP68 via an optical digital input.

Test Review

Intelligent High Level Input (Error Protection System)

Start-Stop ready, Auto Turn-On

Burr-Brown converters (PCM3168A) and Analog Devices DSP (ADAU1452)

32bit, 295MIPS MHz DSP DSP technology, controllable via new V3 PC software or Tunest App

Separately adjustable input sensitivity (CH1-4, CH5-6, AUX)

High quality full aluminum housing

External Bluetooth® USB-Dongles BTS, BTS-HD & BTA2 for Audio Streaming & App Control (optional)

Digital remote control DRC1 with OLED display for controlling various DSP functions (optional)


6 x High Level Input 3 – 21 V RMS

6 x Low Level Input (RCA) 1 – 5 V RMS

1 x AUX Input/Stereo (RCA) 1 – 5 V RMS

1 x Optical Input/Stereo (PCM, 96 kHz / 24 bit)

8 x RCA Output 6,5 V RMS

Dimensions: 181 x 41 x 124 mm