With the new 12-channel stand-alone DSP TUNE12, MUSWAY proves once again how good high-end audio can look like. The TUNE12 inspires with excellent features and inner values that are elementary in very complex devices. So three Burr-Brown converters PCM3168A were installed to optimize the channel separation and enables the multiple use of different sources like high-level,low-level,optical,coaxcial and Aux.

Test Review

Intelligent High Level Input (Error Protection System)

Start-Stop ready, Auto Turn-On

Burr-Brown converters (PCM3168A) and Analog Devices DSP (ADAU1452)

32bit, 295MIPS MHz DSP technology, controllable via new V3 PC software or Tunest App

Separately adjustable input sensitivity (CH1-8 high level, CH1-6 low level, AUX)

High quality full aluminum housing with glass plate

External Bluetooth® USB-Dongles BTS, BTS-HD & BTA2 for Audio Streaming & App Control (optional)

Digital remote control DRC1 with OLED display for controlling various DSP functions (optional)


8 x High Level Input 8 – 24 V RMS

6 x Low Level Input (RCA) 1 – 8 V RMS

1 x AUX Input/Stereo (RCA) 1 – 8 V RMS

1 x Optical Input/Stereo (PCM, 96 kHz / 24 bit)

1 x Coaxial lnput/Stereo (S/PDIF, 96 kHz / 24 bit)

12 x RCA Output 6,5 V RMS

Dimensions: 220 x 38 135 mm